13. apr. 2011


 So yes, it does feel like I'm pushing the limit of what to post on the blog a little witht his entry. & I swear I had no idea whatsoever what a pandoras box I had peeked into when I did the Snow White post some time ago.

Anyhow, someone found the post & linked to it so I found a whole aray of disneyporn referrers in my stats last week. Of course curious as I am, I had to check it out & I boy did I fall down a rabbithole to say the least.

I guess I'm so innocent that I never even imagined that this existed, but of course it does. Really dirty Disney illustrations & even animated porn with the disney starlettes posing & behaving like real sluts.

& so at first I blushed. I felt guilty. It felt so wrong to mix childhood memories with porn. & then I looked a little harder & then I guess it makes sense in some disturbing way, that many will find this perverted & twisted disneyworld of wonders appealing. It's mixing innocense & fairytales with sex & kinkyness. & it does have an affect on me. Is that way too weird? Maybe... & maybe it has something to do with me working in Disneyland Paris for 2 years dreaming about doing Peter Pan & Aladdin - who btw where gay for the most part - yes there was more than on of each:-)

What about you? Are you offended? Chocked? Amused? Aroused?

I know one thing. I'm glad I never knew of this growing up & I hope most kids make it way into teenhood before they stumble upon this. & psst...what about Walt? & What do you think they do about this from a Disney® perspective?

If you should want to investigate further...
& even further
& maybe go all the way?

2 kommentarer:

  1. Nej nej nej - så fik du lige ødelagt nogle af mine yndlings-tegnefilm... HAHA - vilde billeder..

    Faldt lige over et "lille" påske-link med påskekylling & hare, du måske kunne bruge (tænkte ihvertfald på dig, da jeg så det)



  2. I'm not surprised, although I must admit to being a little shocked by how graphic some of them are! I'm glad to see there's a lot of humour as how can you take cartoon porn seriously?!!