19. jan. 2011


A couple of weeks ago I paid a tribute to breast & nipples & I thought it would be appropriate to praise the tush as well, since more than a lot of the pics I share here on this naughty blog involve at least one & sometimes several behinds.

Tush, Butt, Buns, Rear, Caboose, Taillights, Derriere, Fanny, derrière,Behind, Ass, Keister, Booty, Hinney, Hind-end, Rump, Bottom, Buttocks, Bums, Cheeks. We have a saying in Danish, & I'm not sure if it's been translated, but it sounds a little like "Dear child has many names", meaning that many fine words can be relate to your beloved offspring. This too must indeed be oh so very true for the human hindside & probably even more so for the female fanny.

So our brains are hardwired to be sexually attracted to attributes that will help ensure reproduction and survival. When the apes rose to walk upright, the female frontal ornaments developped into permanent big tits, in order to continue to ensure the interest of the male, by imitating the roundness of the buttocks on the frontside.

Basically men would not really be talking to us if we hadn't something to communicate our ability to reproduce & do it well, which also explains why it is so hard to keep eyecontact with a guy when wearing something that reveals the very powerful cleavage. So men are attracted to women's butts because a shapely rear end signals to our minds that this woman will be able to give birth without much complication. You have no doubt heard the term "child-bearing hips"? well that is what it is referring to. Men are hard wired to be attracted to women whose hips and rear end are developed well enough to give birth.

Actually women are attracted to men's butts for a similar reason. Not because men are able to give birth, but because the hips are the primary muscle men use in sexual intercourse. when a woman sees a man with a nice but, it signals to her brain that this man is developed enough to be able to have sex with her.

You may say to yourself that even fat men can have sex, which is true, but remember that since women are not guaranteed to be able to get pregnant off of having sex just one time, their brains have been hardwired to be attracted to the men who are physically up to the task of having sex with them as much as it will take to get them pregnant. Also since the muscles that control a mans ejaculation are in the rear end, a more fit butt in a man signals to a woman that a man will be able to last longer in bed, which will increase the woman's chance of having an orgasm.

Still this doesn't entirely explain to me, why I primarily enjoy the sight of female derrières so much. I'm much more interested in beautiful shots of women's buttocks, but I'm certainly not looking to reproduce with women... So I guess it might because the idea of a woman being able to bear children is sexy in itself & to women too - or...? What do you think? Is it because we have been brought up with images of naked women & therefore the male vision on women dominate even womens way of looking at something sexually? Or is it because they are just prettier? Please join in & comment on why the ass is such a powerful powerpuff. Good ass holds enormous power, don't you forget it. Happy Kinky Wednesday & Enjoy the tribute to the tush.

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