4. apr. 2011


It started out all innocent. Rainbows & unicorns & candy & I'll give you fairydust till it comes jumping out your ass. But something was missing. The spice. Sweetness with a joyful tingle & a terrible itch started.

Kinky Wednesday came to life. & rainbows got company of naughtyness at it's girliest. Kinky yes, but always with the aim to please the eye & turn on a light.

Then they separated. The kink & the rainbow that is. & with this newfound liberty Kinky Wednesday found it easier to push the limits of her own visual sexuality.

I must admit I still blush when flicking through the more blunt parts of the blog, but oh I do enjoy it too. & I hope you do the same - or actually I guess I know you do. Because stats on the blog tell me that you are here. But it is not often that I hear your voice on the blog.

Is it because you're breathlessly flicking through the images for a quick & carefree kink kick & thus you don't even read all the words I put in here to make me feel better about my naughty endavours? Or is it that you silently agree with me on most of the stuff & can't be caught doing so?

Whatever the reason I'm glad you're here with me. Because kink & company go well together. & if you're alone & in need of some inspiration for your daily erotic fantasies I am at your service. The good girl gone bad. Undressed, horny & willing. Sweet, wet dreams. Night night.



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