23. mar. 2011


So So go ahead - admire & desire. Woman in all her beauty. It's wednesday & I guess this week stands in the sign of vintage & retro kink on the blog, because tonights post treats you to plenty of amazing representation of the flirty, sexy, horny, sweet, mean, devilish, delightful dames.

I found the pics on this weeks quest for retro porn & I love the way they all seem to flirt with the camera in such a sweet & innoncent & girly fashion. When I stumble upon newer porn in my weekly kinky quests I am always appalled by the deadness & fakeness of the girls in modern pornography. Is it just me that sees it this way or do you know what I mean.

Many of the girls smile & pose in classic ways & seem to invite you to come closer, to come touch & to admire freely. To adore & to behold. I guess, no not really - I know that,  even through times there has been a certain way of posing & smiling to make men go crazy bananas & ringadingding. But then what it is this modern, to me fakish, sad, grumpy, insulted, horny, smile about? Is this just a new fase/face that I don't recognize? Will some naughty girl be blogging about our times porn & see it as something that I am not able to yet? Why am I not getting the same vibe from it? I know there are many obvious reasons but I would really truly like to hear what you think?

Anyhow. There are many, many almost too lovely pictures to enjoy this evening (& technically it's not even Wednesday anylonger & I should just jump into bed) but I will leave you to drool over the women & I will wish you a long and good night with lots of naughty kinky dreams.


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