17. maj 2011


So here it is. The image above is my favorite male nude shot so far.

I've been looking for some time now. Trying to find out why it is so hard for me to enjoy male nudity when it mirrors the bodylanguage & quite normal themes & poses of female nudity photography & naked women.

It just doesn't ring right. It feels fony. Almost silly when man poses nude. Or so it is for me. Here is my collection of do's & dont's when shooting naked men. You figure out which is which.

Things I gathered from my quest so far:
  • Straight up frontal, non erected nudity is very hard (pun not intended) to pull off for any man. That doesn't mean that it can't be done. But I haven't really foud much of it.
  • Action shots are soooooo much hotter I think. I like when the guy is in the midst of enjoyment. It makes it easier to imagine being part of it I guess?!
  • Sixpacks alone don't really do it for me.
  • Hands, arms & eyes are hot on guys.
  • Bad boys rule.
 I would SO like to hear from you on this topic. Please do share your sofar unspoken truth on male nudity. I promise you I will appreciate it.

It's past midnight & that makes it Wednesday - consider yourself kinked.
Sweet dreams girls.

Kinky Wednesday

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hello, happy Kinky Wednesday! Hm, I agree, if the picture is just saying "here's my penis, it's sexy" then it totally isn't. My preferences seem to be the people I know - Robert Downey Jr, Orlando Bloom - and the ones of men getting undressed. Preferably with tattoos. Weird, huh?! Maybe it's because it shows some personality?

  2. ARGH!

    Your way of putting together photo-streams is simply amazing! Thanks for posting these very interesting and sexy and aesthetic (that too!) pictures of the male gender (oh yeah, and some few not-so-sexy). Man today needs to be more aware of the ways he can express himself, or soon he will be eradicated - locked up in glas jars in museums.

    Many good men in this video here:

    kh Elleork