5. jan. 2011


Todays theme is hands. Hands all over the place. & In all the right places. With all the right touches. At times enough to make you scream.

& to ad an extra little touch to the whole show today we have a dedicated soundtrack added by one of the happy followers of the Kinky Wednesdays here on the blog. Tony is making a musical christmas advent calendar for his friends & network in the spirit og christmas.

The calendar form is that members of the group every day of December until the 24th will receive a small FB mail present - link to an "exquisite" selection of music. The idea is then, that you can bring your headphones with you to work/@studies, and make a small space sometime during the day, with room for a smile, for rocking, for dancing, or.. what the music makes you feel like.

What an absolutely lovely thing to do. & how great is it that he made a soundtrack for the kinky wednesdays! Check out the group on Facebook for more information & to join in on his delightful soundtracks to get you through December all full musical joy.

Enjoy the hands & the soundtrack & have yourself a very Kinky Wednesday:-*

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