12. jan. 2011


We've established it once allready. Illustrated kink has something. Something that places sex between reality & makebelieve & good things can come out of this. Sick things too, but mostly hot stuff. The Japanese do it so well. It's sort of a mix between childhoods free play & adults sexy play, but when the layer of reality is taken out of the equation, & replaced by a sort of hyperrealistic animé that speaks to a place in everyone of us that is closely related to early childhoods love for cartoons & everything animated. In this world anything is possible & maybe that's the sexiest part?

I get a total tingle from a lot of the illustrated kink I've picked up here & there & I think it's because the cartoony feel speaks directly to the playful girlygirl in me. What do you think about illustrated kink? does it turn you on or quite the opposite? Do you have some words of wisdom to share with me on this subject? I would so love to hear a bit more from you dear reader, so do, please do comment on the posts.

Enjoy this weeks illustrated kinky wednesday!

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