22. mar. 2011


It's not up for discussion. Christina Hendricks (born 1975) as Joan Holloway in one of my favorite shows, Mad Men, is god damn smoking hot.

I love her curves. I love her face. I love her voice. I love her smile. I love her size. her hips. her legs. He lips. I love her eyes. If I was a guy I'd definately do her - Heck I think I'd do her even as a woman... She is stunning. Woman. Busty as hell & curves that go on forever and ever.

Which is why of course she had to be one of the stars in my Kinky Wednesday Hollywood Tuesday. So I searched the web for the most georgeous snaps of her & put together this little treasure chest of Christina Hendricks awesomeness.

Enjoy perfection & sweet, delicious dreams.


BTW I did a post on Mad Men on the rainbow blog that you might also enjoy. If you don't have a clue as to what Mad Men is click here & get busy finding out.

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  1. Oh, she is wonderful! My absolute hero - pretty much everything I want to be right now. I love that she always wears dramatic dresses to big events, too - she never tries to blend in or be a wallflower. Ace.