21. mar. 2011


So yeah - I do know of course that we've always always been doing it. Sex is the thing. It has always been. But the way it is portrayed has changed I guess. Or did it?

It's just I never really looked into the subject of the history of pornography before (even though I live in the country which was the first to legalize pornography i 1969 - yeah up til then it was totally banned!!) in, and when I fell upon a true treasure chest of vintage porn pics, some of them 100 years old I was both puzzled, relieved & amuzed. There is a fine feeling og fun & innocence in most of the pictures, even if some of them are actually quite blunt & daring & hrm hrm in your face-ish.

It soothes my mind to know that they also had fun & enjoyed sex. I like that the wanted to show it & people wanted to see it. I love it because it looks as if they are enjoying the experiment it must have seemed like posing for the oldfashioned cameras and so on.

I thought you might enjoy a little history of pornography so I googled it for you & here comes a small introduction from summed up from this wiki:

So the word derives from the Greek as mostly it somehow does when it comes to fascinating words: πορνογραφία (pornographia) is made up from two Greek words.πόρνη (pornē, "prostitute" and pornea, "prostitution") and γράφειν (graphein, "to write or to record," derived meaning "illustration," cf. "graph")

Depictions of a sexual nature have existed for as long as anyone can remember or trace, so we are able to trace stories & views human sexuality way back in time, which we then again are free to interpret. But the concept of pornography as understood today did not exist until the Victorian era, where the making & distributin of porn was strictly forbidden & punished in the not so nice way.

However, people will be people & sex will still make us do pretty much anything, and while the private possession of and viewing of (some forms of) pornography was not made an offence until recent times, then it was up to the people themselves to cook up some good old fashioned kink.

When they started digging out Pompeii in the 1860s, they were pretty shocked by the findings of many fun & sexy illustrations on the walls. There was plenty of erotic art & the Romans loooooooved it! This fact shook up the Victorians who saw themselves as the intellectual heirs of the Roman Empire. They didn't really know how to deal with this newfound sexdrive in their ancestors & the frank depictions of sexuality, andtried really hard to hide them away from everyone but the upperclass richbitch world. It was for some reason very important to keep this discovery from the working class or else...

So pretty much only the wealthy & upperclass snobs got to make & look at porn 100 years ago. But you know people. It found a way of spreading bien sûr & look now you can even find their oldfashioned cute & audascious kink on the www. They started making porn films almost the minute they invented motion picture. Just like the power behind the fast development of both the vcr/dvd & the Internet was very much due to smart & smutty porn people who wanted to make the big bucks on what people want more than many other things & will always want. Because it makes us feel good. Alive. Alike. I guess that's what I liked the most about this find. I like that we are still alike. Cross borders & time. In kink we unite. Hope you will enjoy this little vintage post & that it will provide you with some sort of feeling of cohesion.

Happy Monday.

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  1. wow - hvor er de vildt at de også var så vilde dengang med deres stramme ydre... Måske det hele ikke var så trist alligevel, og ja - de fik jo deres afkom på én eller anden måde...? Sejt... Tak for billederne...

  2. These are brilliant! Definitely very light-hearted, I like that. Not so aggressive. I am surprised by how graphic some of them are, too! I guess we tend to assume that everyone was stuffy and boring in those days, but you're right, nothing's new.